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―Clementine (Consolation)


Shy, introverted and considered tall for a girl, Clementine is a classmate of Marie-Neige's. Constantly seen with an expensive pair of headphones on, she harbors a slight crush on her friend.

Author's notes[]

Simply known as the "Headphone Girl" when I first drew her, this girl was some sort of mascot for my old website, complete with a red color scheme and a watermelon theme. I decided to inject some citrus juice in her, and the modern Clementine was born.


  • Clémentine was named after Charest Blvd., which runs from Saint-Roch until Duberger-Les Saules when it becomes Charest Hwy. The street was in turn named after Zéphirin Charest, pastor of the Saint-Roch parish from 1839 until his death in 1876.[1]

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