"True love has no borders, nationalities or genders!"
―Delphine (Smut)

Bio Edit

Marie-Neige's shut-in roommate and a huge fan of homosexual pairings. The two have known each other for a while, and were apparently friends before living together destroyed everything. They seem to mostly dislike each other now, but still remain roommates for the sake of convenience.

Spends most of her time drawing boy's love comics with her friends Mylène and Catherine, the trio having a sizeable fanbase on the internet.

She also has a huge crush on Chloe's brother, Frédéric.

Author's notes Edit

I've been meaning to give Marie a roommate from day one, but didn't really want to create some random character out of thin air. I realized Frivolesque's geeky cast was lacking a bona fide yaoi fangirl, and thought she could fill the roommate role quite nicely.

Last appearances Edit

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