Frivolesque is the story of a group of girls who accidentally became friends. It also features secret government agents and sub characters that might be figments of someone’s imagination. It’s pretty random.

Timeline Edit

Pre-Frivolesque (1994-2012) Edit

The main characters were created way before Frivolesque began its run: Gaia (aka Gail) in January 1995, Saki (aka Rain) in 1998, Chloé (aka Maki) and Marie-Neige (aka Yuki/Noémie) in 2003, a proto-Clémentine named Suika appeared in 2007[1], and finally Flore was created in November 2012[2]. Over the next few weeks, the five girls (minus Clémentine) started appearing together, a drawing of them next to the Christmas tree at Place de l'Université-du-Québec posted on December 26, 2012 is credited to be the origin of the comic[3], after a discussion between the creator and his brother in his car on a cold night of December.[4]

2013 Edit

Dez then spent the next year developing the idea, but it wasn't until November 4, 2013 he registered and started uploading the strips he's done so far on a ComicPress site.

2014 Edit

The comic quickly rose to fame in the Québec City area with a one-shot strip featuring Marie-Neige cosplaying Hatsune Miku appearing in the con book of Nadeshicon 2014[5], where Dez appeared as a guest artist.

2015 Edit

A second special strip for Nadeshicon was made[6]. The comic was released in paperback in October for the first time at Éditions Rémi Paradis, for sale in conventions. This was the only way to read it in French until 2016.

2016 Edit

Frivolesque appeared at Nadeshicon for a third year[7]. After holding on the French translation for over 3 years, it was finally made public on the website in June 2016. In April, Russian fan clif08 also published a translation called Фриволеск on

2017 Edit

A second paperback volume was released at Nadeshicon 2017, again at Éditions Rémi Paradis.

2018 Edit

In May, a Discord server was created by Dez for the fans to discuss the comic and cute girls with glasses. Over 130 fans call it home so far.

2019 Edit

This wiki was created in October by Juju as a way to document the rich history of Frivolesque and Dez's work.

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