Frivolesque features a lot of background characters based on real life people, or characters from other comics. They're not usually tagged in the character tags. This is an attempt to list them all.

# Strip Who Notes
48 Invasion Bonhomme Carnaval, Dez, two friends of his Bonhomme Carnaval is the mascot of the Carnaval de Québec. First self-insert for the author. Also note a few characters who haven't appeared yet in the comic.
72 Rent Betty Cayenne, Zidara9 Appears as ads in the background.
86 Japanophilia Tsukasa and Ton-Chan from Kaerimichi Kaerimichi is a 4-koma from Japanese artist Akira Funai. Frivolesque characters also appeared before on Kaerimichi.[1]
Guest 2 Violence
Guest 8 Hurdle Boum
107 Dairy Nova Nova is one of William Ruzicka's characters.
134 Consolation Dez
151 Hair (part 2) Gabrielle Dez's girlfriend.
154 Detachment Dez
158 Mistake Ponto
Guest 15 Namamono Tsukasa and Ton-Chan
164 Persistence Dez, Gabrielle
169 Fandom Doctor Who
170 Petite Gabrielle
177 Clones Hezachan
191 Tsun-Tsun Hiver nucléaire, by Cab Marie-Neige's comic book she's reading.
204-208, 213-221 Looks Dez's family, Laurence Dea Dionne, April Petchsri Dez, his girlfriend, his brother and friends can be seen in the background during almost the whole scene.[2]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Gifuto from Japan!
  2. According to Dez on Discord: "We see Gabrielle (Short, red hair), April (short, dark hair with a huge ahoge), Aura (thick mexican girl with the plaid skirt), Sara(only seen from the back), Pascale (white hat), Dea (Montreal Canadiens T Shirt) and Frank (bearded guy with glasses) in the crowd. As well as some chick I used to be friends with but has vanished from the face of the earth since. (red haired girl with the blue jacket)"
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