As a general rule in the Frivolesque universe, female characters wear glasses, while male characters don't. So, unlike most other franchises, it is actually easier to list characters without glasses. This is a list of exceptions to this rule.

Female characters without glasses[edit | edit source]

Male characters with glasses[edit | edit source]

Temporary exceptions[edit | edit source]

Characters with glasses are sometimes seen without them, or vice-versa, with hilarious results.

Who When Notes
Clémentine Looks to Overreaction Clémentine tries contacts. Marie-Neige does not let her do that.
Chloé Trigger and Sign Marie-Neige tries Chloé's glasses. They break.
Marie-Neige Sign and Fingers
Saki Fingers to Fixation We find out Saki is completely blind.
Gaia Adaptation to Fixation Gaia ends up with Saki's glasses. And a superhuman ability to adapt to strong glasses.
Gaia Assimilation to Hinderance Marie-Neige bought Gaia some glasses. This lasts quite a while.
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