"How unpleasant."

Bio Edit

A very popular girl among geek circles who hails from Montreal. Does cosplay and Twitch videos, and manages to have an army of fanboys. Marie-Neige totally hates her.

She also lives a double life as an assassin named Tisiphone going after Gaia and the other people like her, her superhuman fighting abilities rivaling theirs. Seems to be working for the Montreal branch of the Agency under director Viviane Atwater.

Author's Notes Edit

Another old-ish character first designed in 2010 when I wanted to design the ultimate antagonist for Gaia and Saki. At the time, I took some inspiration from Marie-Neige's design since I wan't planning to use her anymore, which gave me the idea of adding a rivalry between the two Maries in Frivolesque when both girls ended up in it.

Last appearances Edit

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