Meetings is the second chapter of Frivolesque.

Story[edit | edit source]

After a chess-playing bear-related injury (or a fall down the stairs, depending of who you ask), Flore meets a curious Gaia on a park bench, they are later joined by Flore's sister, Liliane. As they leave, Marie-Neige watches from afar, wishing this would happen to her, but she only get creepy guys sitting on her bench. Flore invites Gaia to her place, while Liliane needs to meet Saki and Conroy about fighting green-haired persons.

Marie-Neige messages Chloé about the creepy dude, then invites her to some bubble tea for comfort. Saki later coincidentally enters the same bubble tea commerce and overhears Chloé showing Marie-Neige about Gaia's prowess at boxing (which may or may not be the green-haired person Saki is investigating and is coincidentally the green-haired person Marie-Neige saw at the park). Saki then investigates and dons a traditional Japanese schoolgirl uniform in hopes of not looking too suspicious. The three of them later become friends.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Laurence reads a book of the comic itself.[1] The book (with a different cover) became a real thing in 2015.

References[edit | edit source]

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