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The Girl of Many Jobs is a supporting character who reoccurs almost everytime the comic needs a retail worker, sometimes appearing up to four at a time. At least six Girls of Many Jobs are known to exist, each differing in eyes, glasses, accessories, and uniform colors. Their relationship are unknown, but are rumoured to be quadruplets.

  • Green: Julie. The default one.
  • Red: Justine.
  • Blue: Judith.
  • Purple: Jeanne.
  • Black: Also known as the Lady of Many Professions. Seen once as an optometrist, she looks noticeably older and have a light streak on her hair.
  • Orange: Josiane. Once a normal girl without glasses working at Space Latté, Frédéric turned her into a Girl of Many Jobs. An orange Girl was also seen working at Orange Julep in Montréal in a guest comic.

Bio[edit | edit source]

A busy girl who seems to have many different jobs. The Frivolesque cast often run into her around the city.

Author's notes[edit | edit source]

She's barely a character and her design was an afterthought, but she stuck around for some reason. People seem to like her, so here she is.

Jobs[edit | edit source]

This is a list of the jobs one instance or another of The Girl of Many Jobs have been seen working at. It's currently up to the end of Chapter 7.

Some of the job positions have been explicitly stated either in the comic or by the author in some of his media, but most are just what seems obvious in each situation.

Job Place Girl Seen in
Donation collector unknow Green Kindness
Barista Fanamanga Green Routine
Clerk Colori (Laurier Mall) Green Approach
Clerk clothing store

(Laurier Mall)

Red Tactics
Clerk toy store Blue,


Waitress Pub du Parvis Purple Abandonment
Barista Space Latté Green Duty
Delivery Galactic Pizza Blue Montage
Clerk McDonald's (Laurier Mall) Blue,


Clerk McDonald's Blue,




La fée des étoiles

(mall Santa's assistant)

Laurier Mall Blue Truth
Clerk glasses shop

(Laurier Mall)

Red Truth
Noelle's assistant North pole Green (elf) Truth
Barista LvlOp Blue Contender
Optometrist unknow Black Blob
Librarian Gabrielle-Roy Library Green Dopplenganger
Clerk glasses shop Purple Fate
Recepcionist restaurant Green Trinity
Barista Space Latté Orange Conversion

Note: Purple Girl of Many Jobs once tried to apply for a job position at the video game store Ben and Chloé work at (La Planque), but she got turned down.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • She is one of the rare characters to never have been named canonically in the comic, aside from Josiane.

Last appearances[edit | edit source]

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